Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The reason behind my madness, er....blogging.

I was in the middle of blabbing to a friend the other day about a bunch of random occurrences that happened in my weekend when I noticed a look of disinterest on her face. It hit me in that moment, that not everyone wants to hear about small details of my everyday life each time they see me. Then I had one of those little flashbacks (you know, the ones that you see in clever sitcoms) to many of the conversations I'd had with friends or family members throughout the week. The flashbacks each consisted of a scene with a blurry background, a blurry image of me talking - and sounding like Charlie Brown's teacher, and a very clear image of each victim's face sporting.....the same disinterested look.

So I decided to practice a little more control over what comes out of my mouth and to start a blog. A blog about nothing. This way, I can still share everything I always feel like sharing but those who aren't interested (acquaintances at the gym, other parents at the school, the guy sitting next to me on the chairlift, my husband) will no longer feel inundated by my nonsense. And the small percentage of people who ARE interested (my mom, my sisters and brother, and my BFFs) can just read about my nonsense at their own convenience. Its my way of caring for my community.

You're welcome, citizens of Whitefish!

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