Thursday, March 1, 2012

Another day of giving thanks!

Today I am..........

Thankful for my husband who is completely supportive of all of my ideas and activities.
Thankful for children who are (or were this morning) joyful, responsible, and cooperative.
Thankful for friends (and sister) who encourage me to be healthy, to take care of my body, to eat healthy foods. (you know who you are)
Thankful my brother is coming to visit me today and we get to ski all weekend together.
Thankful my sister will be joining us for however long she is able.
Thankful my poor sick husband is finally starting to get better.
Thankful to have a lunch date with my little Myli in a few minutes.
Thankful for a full refrigerator and pantry....just went to the grocery store.
Thankful my Luci girl has an intense love for horses and we are able to afford this passion of hers. (she gets to go this afternoon).
Thankful my Fynn does not have to have surgery for a possible broken could have been worse and today I'm thankful it isn't worse. Love his energy. I know it won't be his first
 broken nose.
Thankful for the opportunity to talk to my mom as often as I do. I'm thankful for her and for her health and for her role in my life.

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