Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Random or meaningful? Can't I do both?

My husband, Brad, read my second blog and informed me it was too personal. "No one wants to read about the things you're thankful for." This was solicited advice, by the way.

"No one wants to read about any of the things I write, Brad. That's the whole point of my blog - to spare innocent people the random stories I constantly tell and just let them read it if they want." (notice how few followers I have, Brad?)

But truly, I write about everything I want to tell people. And today what I feel like talking about is extremely meaningful. So I apologize in advance to anyone who may agree with Brad.

A couple nights ago I was lucky enough to get sucked in to a special on ESPN (Brad had been watching something on ESPN earlier and sometimes I'm too lazy to change the channel). It was a special about a man named Kyle Maynard who was born without arms and legs. He was raised by parents who knew our world would not accommodate him. They let him make no excuses and loved him through the difficulties his life would forever entail. He is an amazing man full of enormous pride and humility. He is a motivational speaker, an athlete, a CrossFit Gym owner, a philanthropist, an alpine climber, and a very real and honest person among many other things. He doesn't claim to be a hero. He speaks quite candidly about staying strong while he cries through it all. He has thousands of fans but many nasty critics. Life will never be easy or comfortable for him.

I was so moved by his story that I told my kids all about him. The next evening while we were snuggling the kids in bed and talking about the things we were thankful for that day (yes again), they brought up all the normal things...."my family, food on our table, a warm house to live in...." Then each of them added something we'd never thought about before. Thank you for my arms and legs, my hands, and feet".  They said a prayer for Kyle to keep a strong heart and for people to be kind to him. My son Fynn has since been crawling on his elbows and knees (the way Kyle has to get around) to see what it would be like. They think about everything that is easy for them and how difficult it is for Kyle. They tried using their elbows to hold their utensils and toothbrushes and pencils the way Kyle does. They asked me to find his Facebook page and both decided to write him a message on it telling him how amazing they think he is.

I'm so thankful to have come across that ESPN special. It helped me appreciate even more about my life and it helped my kids see their own lives in another light. That was such a valuable lesson and I'm so proud of my children for the way they received the message.

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