Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Two Syllable "WOW"

I walked into our bedroom a few weeks back to witness my husband, Brad, dumping a basket of clean laundry on the bed to fold. My delight turned to confusion as I noticed him searching for and then folding only his own clothes. Confusion turned to disgust as he scooped up every article of clothing belonging to the other four people in our family, placed them back in the basket on the floor, and then plopped down on the bed to watch a little ESPN.

"WOW! Did that really just happen?" I said.

Now I think he was a little startled by me busting him but he's a confident kind of guy and seemed to recover quite well. "Um, yah, it did," He said, "and honestly I'm not sure if that is "WOW - worthy."

"Pretty sure that IS "WOW - worthy, Brad." Thus began an extensive and hilarious debate on happenings in life that deserve the "two syllable WOW". He did a great job of distracting me, of course. I was laughing and folding all while he lounged on the bed watching a basketball game and mocking my "WOW" after naming various scenarios that may be "WOW - worthy". Clothes were folded and put away before I realized I had been totally duped.

A few nights later I walked into a very similar scene. This time, just as he started to scoop up all the clean unfolded clothes that did not belong to him, I caught his eye. I gave him "the look"  (I learned how to properly administer "the look" within the first week of marriage. It's not pretty but it has never let me down).

"What??" he said, "That's how I roll, baby. You know that!"

I skillfully continued the look, adding intensity, and said quite simply in a very calm but firm voice, "I don't like that."

Without another word, my incredibly manly husband then did what he knew to be the right thing. He dumped out the rest of the clothes and folded them. All of them.

I love "the look". Maybe I'll write a blog about that.

Meanwhile, I'm welcoming any suggestions on what is or isn't "WOW - worthy". My brother, Brian, and I decided it is applicable in various types of situations. When he and my sister, Juli, were visiting recently we had the opportunity to explore the topic in great detail. We had just hit a nice powdery run on Big Mountain together and when he stopped mid mountain for a break he said "WOW" (positive version - as in WOW that was awesome). Just then my sister took a pretty dramatic spill and tumbled tiredly to our feet. "WOW", I said, (impressed version - just witnessed something kind of crazy). We went into Hellroaring for lunch and the line to get a table was insanely long. "WOW" (disappointed version). Later at the bar in the lodge, a nutty looking character stumbled by in a drunken state using all sorts of foul language. "WOW" (judgemental version).

You get the gist. So, I'd love your opinion on the topic. Was Brad's selective folding behavior, in fact, worthy of a two-syllable WOW?????


  1. Everything I do is WOW! Worthy... And as for the folding only my clothes... Just trying to do my part to make things easier on my wonderful, adorable, loving, beautiful wife. That and she never puts my clothes in the right spot.... Wow! That would be the, I am going to get in trouble for that comment version.

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  3. I don't want to get involved................