Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My 'Filosophy'

On the days I can't make it to the gym, I try to get some sort of exercise at home...yoga, lift weights in the garage, run on the track near our house, etc. One day I went out in the garage to jump rope. The big doors were open and when I looked out, I saw Father Ken, the priest at our church, standing in his driveway across the street. I waved and thought, "How funny. He must think I'm nuts....in my garage jumping rope and blaring my music." I had just visited with him the night before at our Wednesday night Faith Formation class at church. Seeing him again in this very different setting got me thinking about the different priorities we all have and the way we balance them in our lives. I thought about my own priorities and an interesting fact came to surface. The five main things I value and work to balance all begin with the letter F. I decided to name the group "My Filosophy". These values are, in no particular order, as follows:

Obviously my family is important to me....considering they are the main topic of my blog most days. The five people (I'm including myself) in my immediate family are my main priority. But Brad and I are fortunate enough to be fairly close geographically and extremely close emotionally to each of our siblings and parents. We make a point to see my mom and Brad's parents regularly and our siblings and their families at least a few times throughout the year. We plan a family reunion at a cabin on Flathead Lake each summer for both sets of extended family. (Love you all so much!)

We have some really great friends. I'm not bragging - I'm complimenting the wonderful people in our lives. We are lucky to spend time with these lovely families. We have each others' backs and help with each others' kids. They are our "Whitefish family". We also make a point to keep in touch with the friends we left when we moved here.... our "Bozeman Family" With them, we plan camping trips, hot springs trips, cabin trips...etc. We miss them a ton. This summer I hope to see my "Missoula Family" more often as well. So.....our friends our really important to us.

Each night I say a prayer over my kids and it always ends in me asking for a "long life on this earth together until we come home to You again". This one request always makes my heart feel warm and comforted because amidst all my fears and vulnerability, I am reminded that our real HOME is where this life ends and the next begins. We may all arrive HOME at different times but we'll all get there. That's how I picture it at least. While my faith is an important part of my life, I am no saint, by any sense of the word. I have many flaws. I curse more often than I should. I have my vices...(coffee, wine). I judge people -even though I try not to - (if you read my last blog, I needn't say more.) We're not super consistent in attending church. I don't know the bible as well as I should.(I teach Luci's fourth grade Faith Formation class and I feel like a total fraud). But I was raised by parents who had faith in God and took us to church every weekend. We were baptized in the Catholic Church and went through all of the appropriate rites of passage. It wasn't shoved down our throats at all....it was very relaxed. We may have complained about going to church growing up but I can honestly say it was a very comforting and lovely experience sitting in the pew with my whole family. It felt safe. So these are aspects of religion that I want to bring into my own family and part of the reason we decided to start taking the kids to Faith Formation at the Catholic Church in Whitefish. The community feeling we have there is awesome. Our kids love their classes and the friends they have made. They learn about having a pure relationship with God and they learn how to be good people. I think it should really be just that simple.

I want to live as long as possible. I know exercising and eating healthy does not give me a guarantee but it should increase my chances. I also want to be able to keep on playing with my kids. We love to ski in the winter, wake board in the summer, play baseball, play football, play volleyball, swim, ride bikes, jump rope, bounce on the trampoline, dance. Its just plain Fun. Which brings me to.....

We have a lot of fun. Sometimes I wonder if we have too much fun. Are we spoiled? Will our children become part of the "entitled generation?" We're determined to keep that from happening...which is why we often say "no" just for the sake of saying "no". Is that enough? (They also have daily chores) Advice on this subject is welcome.

That's it, My Filosophy, My Five F's. Family, Friends, Faith, Fitness, and Fun. At some point in the next year or two, I'll be adding a career to my balancing act. I'm still not sure what field I'll choose but I suppose I'd better make it start with an F.

After thought (or ADHD)
As my ideas about all aspects of my Filosophy fizzled, my eyes refocused on the house across the street. I thought about how much Father Ken really sees of our daily activities. (He is out in the driveway a lot) I guess I'm not the kind of person who pretends to be someone I am not....so it really shouldn't matter. But I can't help but care a little what some people think. Father Ken can easily see all aspects of my life from his house....including all of my flaws. I suppose that is a lesson in itself though. His life long job is not to judge others, it is to accept others and teach. (I should remember this quality next time I see the Buzz Killer) He brings people in and teaches that God loves us through all of our imperfections and sins. We all have flaws.

I think I burned at least a thousand calories that morning, jumping rope in my garage by the time I got to my ending thought: We all have Flaws. I should work on having Fewer. Hey two more F - words! How Phunny! (That's for you, Mom.)

Loving my Filosophy!


  1. Love it! You are so very phunny! BTW, you could take up a career in fotography! That would phit!! I'll keep working on it. Love you girl--Mama

  2. Or filosophy..............

  3. You're writing is so beautiful. I wish we lived together.